Kitesurfing is a passion

My World

Welcome to my world! Let me shortly tell You who I am and what I do...


First of all, a passionate kitesurfer! I can´t imagine my life without doing what I love!

I remember the days in 2009 when I bought my first kite and tried it on my own on a field close to our house.


I enjoy to share my experience with others and to see the happy faces of my students after their fast progress!

I never regretted to go this way right after my studies of business administration in 2012. Life is beautiful when you love your job!


As the founder of Whitecap Kiteboarding distributor for some well-known brands in the kite industry in our region!

Yes, I´m not only kitesurfing around the world, sometimes I also have to do some serious business stuff.


Who not? Dreaming about white sandy beaches on a beautiful island with blue water and constant winds!

Don´t take life too serious. Enjoy it, have fun and try to follow your dreams.

My daily life in pictures

kitesurf career

Achievements in competitions and my riding preferences - the style I like!
I love the sea, the waves and massive jumps! This makes me feel really free!

Seamen Race Hamata/Egypt 2013 - 2017, 1st (TT Race)

Czech Kiteboarding Cup II 2014, 1st (Slalom, Freestyle)

PKRA World Tour 2014, 3rd overall (Slalom):

  • Podersdorf/Austria, 2nd (Slalom)

  • Fuerteventura Grand Slam, 2nd (Slalom)

  • St. Peter Ording/Germany, 4th (Slalom)

  • Pingtan/China, 3rd (Slalom, TT Race)

Kite Team Contest Podersdorf/Austria 2015, 3rd (Big Air)

VKWC Tarifa/Spain 2015, 5th (Big Air)

VKWC St. Peter Ording/Germany 2015, 4th (Slalom)

Rider 4 Rider Contest Breitenbrunn/Austria 2015, 2nd (Freestyle)

El Gouna Big Air Egypt 2016, 2nd (Big Air)

Chinese national Twin Tip Open Championships Pingtan/China 2016, 2nd (TT Race)

IKA Kiteboarding World Championships 2016:

  • Pingtan Kiteboarding Grand Slam, China, 1st (Big Air)

  • Sardinia Grand Slam, Italy, 1st (Big Air)

  • Sardinia Grand Slam, Italy, 2nd (Freestyle)


  • high and spectacular

  • blasting downwind

  • full speed in low wind

  • powerful wakestyle

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