Seamen Race Hamata 2015

seamen race_title

photo credit: Oliver Platzgummer

The big Kite Village Testival and the Seamen Race are over, it was a busy week! Some of the most important brands in the kite industry were showing their new equipment, among them, North Kiteboarding, Cabrinha, Liquid Force, Flysurfer and Airush. For a whole week, all guests could test the latest kites, boards and harnesses.

Along with the brand representatives a lot of team riders and professional kitesurfers arrived in Hamata. The main purpose: the legendary Seamen Race.  During the three days of the race there were some competitions where everybody could take part: The Lagoon Race, the Race around the 1st Island, a Style Contest

The highlight for me was the Long-Distance Race! Here you have to leave the shallow lagoon of Hamata, kite upwind more than 7km on one side while passing two islands and crossing the outside reef into the deep blue sea.  There you have to tack upwind around the outstanding reef in huge waves and as soon as the reef is over you can blast downwind back into the lagoon, on your other side this time. In total, maybe 18km. Due to the partially shallow water and reef close to the surface, only twintips are allowed. As you can imagine, this one is only for the more experienced riders.

Also this year, I managed to defeat my Ms. Seamen title in a row and was the fastest girl again!

Seamen Race start

photo credit: Oliver Platzgummer

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